Injured in an Auto Accident?


Car collisions in Rogers AR can be one of the most frightening and confusing experiences that a person is forced to go through.  Often the first thing that a person is concerned about following an automobile accident is the damage to their vehicle or their insurance coverage.  This often results in people neglecting the most important part, their individual health.  Just as is the case with many injuries, seeking proper care within a timely fashion is often the most vital aspect in determining the overall outcome of their care and condition.  To assist you with making the right decision, your doctor at Northwest Chiropractic & Rehab has put together this article to provide with some information about injuries involved with car accidents and the most suitable treatment options available.

What are the most common injuries after care accidents?

Unfortunately, many people believe that the most serious injuries sustained following car accidents are immediately noticeable.  There is also a misconception that only high speed or hard impact collisions can cause serious damage to person’s body.  It  has been found that these two beliefs are largely responsible for the vast number of injuries that fail to receive treatment following automobile collisions.  Therefore, the first thing to remember when making the decision to seek appropriate care is to understand that a large number of injuries can occur following many different types of collisions.

Following a car accident, a person must keep in mind that many factors such as the placement of a cars headrest, size of both automobiles involved in the collision, and the speed that they were traveling prior to impact all play an important role in determining the injuries sustained.  To help understand this concept, it has been shown through research that a car traveling only 5 mph at the time of impact is capable of producing the forces necessary to cause whiplash injuries.  While injuries such as fractures, cuts, concussions, and dislocations are immediately noticeable, other forms of damage to musculature, blood vessels, and nerves may not become evident for months or even years.  Unfortunately, when these injuries become evident months and years down the road, insurance companies are often not held liable for reimbursement no matter the severity of pain and disability.  Therefore it is important that you undergo a complete evaluation immediately following your accident by a health care professional familiar with these injuries.  Your doctor at Northwest Chiropractic & Rehab is one of the few health care providers who specializes in diagnosing and treating injuries associated with the musculoskeletal and nervous system.

How can my chiropractor help?

As mentioned previously, chiropractors are one of the few primary health care providers who specialize in treating the musculoskeletal system.  Just as a person consults with a cardiologist for concerns about their heart, many people seek care and advice from chiropractors regarding musculoskeletal injuries.  While whiplash injuries are not always immediately evident, they are actually considered one of the most common injuries sustained during car accidents.  The strain that the forces causing whiplash injuries place on the spine are capable of causing damage to the muscles, ligaments, and nerves responsible for supporting your head and neck.  If these seemingly minor injuries are not corrected for, they often produce a waterfall affect leading to multiple neurological and musculoskeletal symptoms and complications many years following the accident.  In fact, it has been found that whiplash injuries are often responsible for early degeneration of the vertebrae throughout your spine and a multitude of symptoms such as pain and headaches.  Since automobile injuries can involve many systems throughout the body, finding a doctor who is able to address each area is important.  Our doctors at Northwest Chiropractic & Rehab in Rogers AR will create an individualized treatment plan that encompass chiropractic adjustments, active and passive physical therapy, exercise programs, and nutritional modifications to help speed up the recovery process.  The success that this type of approach has been proven to have is unmatched.

Whiplash Syndrome

Most whiplash injuries occur when the automobile is struck from behind. These injuries commonly produce immediate symptoms. However these injuries can cause damage to the muscles and ligaments as well as irritation to nerve roots. If left untreated, scar tissue that will develop over time can leave the victim with severe impairment for life.

With proper chiropractic care, specific spinal corrections can be made in order to return proper function as well as reduce the amount of mechanical stress to the spinal cord and associated nerve roots. Scar tissue and other soft tissue damage can be reduced. If you have been involved in a recent or past automobile accident, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Whiplash Injuries and Long-Term Effects

An overwhelming 43% of those who were involved in an automobile accident will suffer long-term symptoms. A study taken with 28 patients were referred for chiropractic care after a whiplash injury. 26 of those 28 (93%) showed improvement of symptoms. Chiropractic care has shown to effectively treat and prevent these long-term effects that can leave whiplash victims severely handicapped.

Chiropractic Treatment of Chronic Whiplash Injuries
Woodward MN, Cook JC, Gargan MF, Bannister GC
Injury 1996 (Nov); 27 (9): 643–645

Whiplash injuries are common and often result in neck, headache and low back pain. As a neuromusculoskeletal complaint, chiropractors, as primary healthcare clinicians, are increasingly providing treatment in such cases. In addition, frontal headaches had also developed.

This report demonstrates that chronic ‘whiplash’ injury patients can respond well to appropriate conservative management, even in the presence of poor prognostic indicators. The management protocol in this case consisted of chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy, soft tissue work and post-isometric relaxation (PIR) techniques to address biomechanical somatic dysfunction. In addition, active rehabilitation exercises, self-stretches and proprioceptive exercises were utilized to address postural and muscle imbalance. On the seventh treatment, the patient reported no neck pain, no headaches and unrestricted cervical spine range of motion. At 4 months follow-up, the patient continued to be free of headaches and neck stiffness and reported only mild, intermittent neck pain. If you have suffered an automobile accident recently in or in the past it is important that you have it properly managed before more lasting symptoms and changes to your spine present.

Chiropractic Management of Intractable Chronic Whiplash Syndrome
Alpass, L
Clinical Chiropractic 2004 (Mar): 7 (1): 16—23

Abnormal Posture and Whiplash Injuries

Posture can have more of an effect than you might imagine. Pre-existing postures such as decreased or reversed cervical curve can change the biomechanics of an automobile accident and trauma leading to acute or chronic disorders of the spine. These can also lead to stretching of certain ligaments of the neck up to 70% more than occurring with a neck with acceptable cervical curve. There is also increased whiplash injury severity in patients with pre-existing abnormal cervical postures. Having proper curvature of the spine is essential in preventing increased severity in future traumas.

As you can see, seeking care immediately after an automobile accident can mean the difference between recovery and a life time of pain.  If you have been in a car accident or know someone who has, please contact our office as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.

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