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Chiropractor Nathan Wagner D.C.

Chiropractor Rogers AR Nathan WagnerDr. Nathan Wagner graduated from Springdale Senior High school and went on to obtain his Bachelors of Science in Pre-med Physiology at the Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. During his time at OSU he learned his true calling was to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. He went on to Dallas, Texas to attend Parker College of Chiropractic. During his final semester at Parker, he served as an intern at the Scoliosis Treatment and Research Center of Dallas. Upon graduation he accepted an Associateship position under Dr. Glenn Robinson to master his skills treating Scoliosis and other postural conditions.

Personal Life, Background, and Interests

chiropractor nathan wagner familyDr. Wagner is native to the natural state, he was born and raised in Springdale, Arkansas. Dr. Wagner loves spending time with his beautiful family, his wife, Tifanie, and two daughters, Raylee and Holand.

Dr. Wagner prides himself in the fact that he is able to serve his friends, family and fellow Arkansans. Through Chiropractic he is able to provide others hope and possibility without invasive procedures or medication.

Dr. Wagner loves the outdoors and spends his free time being active in sports, hunting as well as cheering on the Razorbacks.

The Clinic

Northwest Chiropractic and Rehab lives to serve patients of all types of symptoms and conditions. Our clinic is equipped with the State-of-the Art equipment for Spinal correction and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation.


An abundant of energy comes from the brain and is communicated by way of the spinal cord. This makes the nervous system the master of all systems as all cells, tissues, organs and organ systems operate under the control of the nervous system. However without proper structure the body cannot operate at optimal capacity. This can lead to disease and discomfort. It is our job to help your spine reach proper structure to function optimally.

We recognize the benefits to seeking an alternate form of health care that treat the cause of the problem and not the symptoms themselves. Removing the distortions and misalignments is the first step to living a healthier life.

Uriel - Office Manager


Mabel - Chiropractic Assistant


Chelsey - Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic Rogers AR Chelsea

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“I can say so many GREAT things about Dr. Wagner and his staff, but the main thing is he makes the pain stop!”

- Kevin K.

“I am able to continue my aggressive workout schedule without pain and am equipped with exercises for home that support treatment in the office I am confident I will continue to get stronger and heal. I highly recommend Dr. Wagner enough that I have sent my son to see him.”

- Cathy J.

“After three months of therapy with Dr. Wagner, I feel happy with lots of energy, I sleep very well, and I am not taking any more pain medicine. Best of all, I don’t need surgery anymore! Thank you, Dr. Wagner!!”

- Conchy M.

“Every time I came out of his office I felt better than I did going in. No more headaches and I could finally sleep through the night. I recommend this to anybody who is looking to feel better, they really do care!”

- Juana G.

“Dr. Wagner does an excellent job at being thorough and making sure he addresses all of your needs. They were never pushy to have to me come into the clinic more then I want or needed. Great location, easy to access. I will continue going here!”

- Leta C.

“The pain started after a gym accident. We went to two other doctors that weren’t able to help me. We then came to Dr. Wagner and he has made the most difference … not just with correcting my curves, but has totally relieved my back pain. All thanks to Dr. Wagner!”

- Olivia G.

“I just can’t be happier with my results from the Dream Drops Program. I have lost 40 lbs. and gone from a size 18 to size 11. This is the best thing that has ever happened to my mental, physical and emotional health.”

- Laura

“After treatment with Dr. Nate, I no longer have the sciatic pain and I’m able to enjoy the activities I enjoyed before.”

- Jennifer

“After a few weeks of treatment, my headaches reduced, and my back felt better, I was able to focus better at work and lost over 50 pounds.”

- Clinton S.

“I feel better, sleep better and my back doesn’t hurt after standing long periods of time.”

- Karen

"My two week intensive treatment was the most difficult physical training I’ve ever been through. Though it was a challenge, I look back at my work and my results and am thankful Dr. Nate gave me a second chance at a normal life.”

- Heather

"I am so thankful to Dr. Nate for his expertise and willingness to help me. His heart is as big as his smile! Thank you so much for changing my life.”

- Diane

"Before I started my therapy, my body was always in pain. I had so many sleepless nights because of the pain in my back. I also had pain in my knees, shoulders and severe headaches. But since I started treatment with Dr. Wagner I feel so alive! I can enjoy time with my family and grandkids. I feel like a new person.”

- Maria M.

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